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be brave

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Re: be brave

This sums up the Elitist Ruling Class and their “obedient” herd, very well. Thanks Sam for posting this. We have to stick together.



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Re: be brave

The elite Pelosi, Gavin Newsome, DeBlasio ect don`t take Covid seriously in their own personal lives. Liberals in the rank & file are indistinguishable from the MAGA crowd.  As much as I`m told that i have "blood on my hands from calling it the damned flu" I`m the only one properly wearing a mask in many venues and that includes the Mall of America and San Francisco proper where you can`t tell me, those are all  Covid denying Trump supporters in my midst.

The fear is political and like a Hallmark movie drama, the "Biden vaccine" will come out and the sun will come out, but emotions are manipulated.  What`s hoped for by the manipulators is the economy with get a artificial spring back, if it`s believed to be worse than it actually is now, making the Harris administration look competent, increasing political capital to take guns, open border, free know the drill.   

Some businesses won`t return, something I observed during the 1980s farm crisis after many farms were sold out, those remaining had incredibly strong balance sheets especially after absorbing the rising assets of those that left.

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Re: be brave

There’s been class warfare for the last 20 years, and my class has won.”

Warren Buffett (Washington Post, September 30, 2011)



From: America’s power elite and oligarch classes (i.e. Wall Street, Washington DC, Silicon Valley & MSM/Hollywood)

To: Bottom 90% of American households

Msg: Still winning!

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even funnier