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bet Red can't top this

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee's trophy (2nd) wife also brings home some large slabs of bacon as a lobbyist for a firm that does serious business with de guvmint in those areas. She's now moved on to a different firm in the same field after her former outfit got $10 billion in contracts.


Booyah, go Mike! She's a babe, too. Progressive hate the American Dream.

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Re: bet Red can't top this



Since she left Aegis, which procured a $10 billion contract from the Federal government, she has since gone to work for mega-lobby firm Manatt specializing in 


"executive-level problem solving in the defense and homeland security sectors."


Re: bet Red can't top this

The American Dream.


Ya got a bunny to keep your bed warm and she doubles as a conduit for $millions in kickbacks.


That's why mean 'ol progressives hate the American Dream. 


It's the politics of envy.