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Senior Contributor

bill scheduled

To throw that last shovel full of dirt on the grave of the metoo movement tonight at the end bash.    Can not believe they'd send him out given that a witness puts him on the isle with two underage girls.    Metoo was just a tool.  Pay attention blacks.


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Senior Advisor

Re: bill scheduled

I sent a PM to our Senior Black Correspondent to make sure he’s advised.

Veteran Advisor

Re: bill scheduled

nutz, do you ever wish you could just go back ten years and be just eccentric, and not a total doofus? 

Guys like you, and Bruce, and Biden are a big reason Trump is on target to win over 1/3 of the American Black vote. Lot of Black Americans that might have a little extra pigment in their skin but they aint Democrat Plantation N(egro)s .