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Senior Contributor

billary blows off obamo

looks like another democvat is seeing the light and now billary sees how stupid obamo is and wants no part of him --so another blow off in her future --have faith only the dumbest dems will back up to him now ---aint that right not so great --gooboy and surebutt

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Veteran Advisor

Re: billary blows off obamo

No one has ever accused the Clintons of lacking political smarts and instincts. Great move on her part, to set herself up for 2016. Going down with a sinking ship never makes for good poliitics. And she may even be planning to run against Obama in 2012, like Reagan did against Ford. Didn't the Kennedy that drowned his mistress also run against an incumbent Democrat...did he run against Jimmy Peanut?

Senior Advisor

Re: billary blows off obamo

I think Obama has done a good thing to stay out of it, I just wish he would stand up and tell us and the world why he has stayed out. This is why the UN was founded, let them deal with it, without the US military