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blame facebook?


"Today the world has seen the end of two centuries of Anglo-Saxon dominance – a hundred years of Britain, from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 to the Battle of the Somme, and a hundred years of the United States, ending today, with the election as president of the US of a fascist ‘television personality’ married to a nude model."


"We have now seen a hat trick of ‘democratic’ events in which men who come from the elite, and who have betrayed their class – Roderigo Duterte, in the Philippines, on May 9, was the straw in the wind, he was followed by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in the UK, on June 23, and today by Donald Trump in the US, and they have, with the use of the internet social media, most especially Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, successfully suckered the soggy mass of lazy, ill-educated, ill-read and ill-informed proles, and a good supply of  what V.I. Lenin called “useful idiots”, in three nations,  into putting them into power, by telling lies and by promising the proles what they want."


"What the proles want is ‘good jobs’ but with the ability to buy the stuff they buy now at cheap prices, because it is made by under paid, hardworking, men and women in other countries who have ‘stolen their jobs’, and they want ‘no foreigners’.  They can’t have this, of course, but no matter, they don’t read, they just look at ‘memes’, and the damage is done.

The common factor is the ‘seeding’ of the ever-so friendly Facebook, full of pictures of kittens and food and grandchildren, with its oh-so clever algorithms to deliver onto your screen the very things that you want to see, be they things you might want to buy or people who think like you, with lies and deceit – really wicked, evil, lies and deceit – and the poisoning of minds against the ‘mainstream media’, who actually – can you believe this – who actually think that facts matter, and who really do employ people to check them, because they are out dated enough to think that their advertising revenues depend on their reputation and that their reputation depends on them telling the truth."