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burning the koran/quran

this is THE big news story. my question is: if the govt' tells them/him not to go thru with it, does that cross a line of the govt. dictating what some religion can or can't do? How far do we go in the name of freedom of religion? I guess if this pastor and his flock wanted attention, they got it now.

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Re: burning the koran/quran

So long as the book is their property they are completely within their rights to burn it. Provided it doesn't fall under EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions or local ordinances against burning, or local community decency guidelines. Or if Mohammad didn't incorporate some sort of technology liscense within the koran purchase agreement.  Maybe it woiuld be better if they just shred it.   Oopps that could void the waranty on their shredder.



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Re: burning the koran/quran

Yes, world wide attention.

I wonder if they realized what that type of attention does for them and for their religion.

I expect it probably showed a lot more people just how inconsiderate and hateful religion can be and is in way too many 'believers'.

Hopefully more people can see the harm this kind of 'taunting the dog' can and will do.

Worst is the 'good pastor' and his flock are not likely the ones who will get bitten.

We should probably all donate a bible or 2 to add to his illegal book burning.

I am thinking the more 'holy books' that are burned the better it might be for all of humanity.

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Re: burning the koran/quran

They ought to do something more acceptable, like walk into a crowded market and blow themselves up.

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Re: burning the koran/quran

Irony, a hateful religious group bashed by a hateful atheist

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Re: burning the koran/quran

Burn it. It is not against the law. I don't see the big deal about it. Crazies burn the American flag all the time, and no one goes out and kills someone because of it.

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Re: burning the koran/quran

Sorta reminds me of the early Iraq war days.


I heartily endorse the idea of giving all Americans who hate godless muslims the opportunity to fight some.


I'd even donate an old .22 and a Daisy Red Rider and a few bucks for the tickets.


Though I do suspect that most of this group are already quite a lot better armed than that.

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Re: burning the Koran/quran

I doubt many of the bangers here know that the Old Testament will be burned when any Koran is burned, because it is part of it. God and Allah are the same God of the old testament - only the prophets are different.

Of course this group has the right to burn any Bible, Koran, or holy book they wish.  We have lots of rights (despite rumors to the contrary), but it's not always a good idea to exercise them.

Re: Yeah, but....

Yeah, but we are talking about a group of people that think that it is perfectly fine to blow yourself, a cartoonist and anyone around him, up,.... over some stupid cartoon.  None of the "moderate" muslims EVER stand up against the ji'hadists.

Heck, I probably just put myself on some muslim hit list, just for posting this.

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Re: burning the Koran/quran

I wonder if any of the people in Pastor Jones church have family members in the military stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan who could be at increased risk do to their planned Koran burning?  I also wonder if Pastor Jones is related to the late Jim Jones?


I suggest if Pastor Jone's congregation wanted to do something they could peacefully march carrying pictures of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian women who is about to be stoned to death after being convicted of adultery.  They could also mention how Ashtiani was recently lashed 99 times after a British newspaper ran a picture of an unveiled woman that they mistakenly listed as Ashtiani. 


Pastor Jones group could also carry pictures of the dead and wounded Shiites killed recently by suicide bombs from fellow Muslims to help point out how outdated and bizarre some of the beliefs are that would cause one group of Muslims to kill men, women and children of another group of Muslims.  On second thought if they start pointing out how out dated and bizarre the beliefs are of some religions are then they could end up upsetting most of the world's religions.