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Re: but its FREE in France

For futher reference.......


i took this from healthcare bluebook, for a bypass done in Kansas City.  I would figure closer to $40,000 tho, due to some labs

and stuff not mentioned.


as for expenses, here is the pay of an RN in India


note.... 1 rupie=.015 dollar


compair to an RN in the United States



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Re: but its FREE in France

What you're arguing is ridiculous.  Yes a nurse in the states is paid more than one in India, so is a backhoe operator, and all the little people that pay the nurse's salary.   Yet the nurses salary and all the little people's salary have at best kept up with inflation while medical cost have far outstripped inflation.   You have to look at the cost of medical care as a percentage of avaliable income.  In the USA it has continuously gotten a bigger bite of a persons available income.   Why?  Its not technology.  The basic underlying fact is that technology makes things more available and cheaper.   Outside of government enforced monopolies and regulation.   


In 1987 I got a top of the line compaq 80386 pc 16mhz processor, 10Mbyte hard drive and monochrome monitor for $10,000, it was the size of a fair suit case.   The cell in my pocket is so far beyond that pc, its like compairing the sun with a light bulb, cost about $500.     The same has held true for technology throughout the ages, take technology and cost in weaving for example.


If you still want to stammer but but but, medical is different.    Take strictly elective medical care, the kind you can't get anyone else to pay for, like cosmetic surgery. The cost has gone down, its become more widely available and the quality is far beyond what it once was.


And El Cheapo,  you can get just as good medical care in places around the world as you can in the USA.  In Thailand for example, at a fraction of the cost in the USA.    The guy in Thailands cell phone cost pretty close to what yours did.


Sure you can't travel for an emergency, the point is why should you have to?    Medical care has far beyond inflation because its a government regulated monopoly.


Since it seems to be a topic dear to you I'd suggest reviewing Denningers work on the subject, he has covered it broadly.

Re: but its FREE in France

If Obamacare served any purpose it would be to make all of this his creation in them minds of the tribe rather than any shared (or greater) responsibility of their co-religionists over the last few decades.


But regardless the likelihood that the corporate lackeys now in charge will tackle any of this is close to nil and the Tribe's attentions will be diverted elsewhere.


A somewhat similar situation currently exists in government/corporate commodity agriculture where input oligopolies act as rentiers in the socialist system. But I've virtually never had a worthwhile conversation with anyone on any of these boards on the topic.


You gotta remember that this is a place where the markleting page is basically a place to go to complain about how the gubmint is screwing you.


It seems to run similar to the white working class Trump rationale where they are abhored by any redistribution in their behalf by the gubmint, they just want The Market to give them their $30/hr job back- which is only the right and due of all descendants of earlier immigrants, particularly males.

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Re: but its FREE in France

Fascist who think the government has the right to hold a gun to your head and force you into a private contract have sacrificed all right to speak on any subject within the confines of the milky way.

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Re: but its FREE in France

Anytime you want the cost of something to rise far more than the rate of inflation have it financed through government .

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Re: but its FREE in France

Nutz, have you tried more fibre in your diet?