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but whatabout?

'Tis true that the famous Clinton '99 subsidy double down came about in part because the Pres needed friends where ever he could find them at that point and he found them in farm state legislators on both sides of the aisle. Although the number of direct beneficiaries was surely more than double the present, too.


I would point out that the problems in ag at that point were not 100% of his own making and that the temporary appearance of a budget surplus gave cover for throwing cash at it.


That would be as opposed to exploding deficits at the top of the business cycle on account of tax cuts for the wealthy.


Another difference is that, while in that period some very major welfare reform had been accomplished, we really weren't at the present level of righteous Christian anger against the poor and afflicted.


I guess that's not a problem for The Makers but I'm not sure it makes a massive bailout real popular with the lesser folks who it'll take to make for electoral success.