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in a nutshell.....

The democrats, who were obstructing Trump to the up most of their abilities, fake impeachment etc , acting like school girls tearing up speeches, expected Trump to be Superman while they were behaving like spoiled children.

Got it.


No small bit of irony

Senior Contributor

Re: No small bit of irony

(wwe/deemed esseential business)

Yea, wwe being essential is dumb, but a lot of things & people are proving to be dumb during CV, making dope essential - that's really really dumb; and about as dumb as folks that hoarded toilet paper and can't spare a square; about as dumb as blaming Trump for the CV and giving China a complete pass because of being scared to hurt communist China's feelings.

But there is a lot of dumb decisions being made, you can go to a drive in movie and listen to the sound on your FM dial in your car; you can go to a land auction that requires people to stay in their vehicles and listen to their loud speaker and bid by raising your hand out the window; but you cannot go to a drive-in church service and listen to the service in the church parking lot on your FM dial.

A lot of dumb things being decided, said and done, the list is long.