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can't fill stadium

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: can't fill stadium

That is one of the funniest articles I have read all week. What chance do you think the O has of even getting the votes of those tens of thousands of Black people that were going to get bused in, and now are being told to stay home?


Another good one is to read what people are saying about Michele Obama's speech, according to Yahoo news. Sounds like they really don't buy the millionaire telling them she is just like they are. Guess that the $300,000 per year hospital administrator that turned away poor people is now turning them off, too.


Funny how the screw turns.



Senior Advisor

Re: can't fill stadium

Wishful thinking red?

Veteran Advisor

Re: can't fill stadium

Who would you believe? Someone who is white, born into a rich family and then made money of his own in a dubious way OR a black woman born into a lower middle class family, put herself through college and law school with student loans before she and her husband reached the ultimate dream and now have a little bit of money??? Nevermind! I already know. I also know who I would believe.