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Re: porn

Yep, and he does a decent job typing with just his left hand. 👀


Re: Nox isn't posting here anymore

Hopefully the new ED nutz will keep his fantasies to himself as the rest of us really don't want to know that much information. ED must be a peeping tom to know so much about Melania, and who knows how he knows about the rest.


One sicko, imho.

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Re: can you imagine a world in which hardnox was subjected to

By now even the most ignorant and partisan person can see that this entire Russia witch hunt is a Democrat ploy.  It's run by Democrats with one objective, over throw the duly elected president. 


They created a false document to start the investigation and now the Democratic run FBI refuses to let the congress of the United States see that trail of lies.


Where did we lose the country to these communists?  How in any sane world would you let the security of the country be run by people that want to destroy the country with a combination of importing aliens, destroying business and creating debt beyond comprehension?

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Re: can you imagine a world in which hardnox was subjected to

Kudos. Well said. But it's not just dems. Plenty of repubs have gone right along with them.


Great Post

doubtful that it changes any progressive minds, but still a great post. 


This forum, echoing the national news,  has been better than any funny pages as the progressives really seem to have their screws loose. 


And the more they come up with "fake news", the more the real Americans say "I....Don't....Care!"

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social media is like drunkenness

When drunk people behave badly, get mean or curse or fight, often it's excused as just the alcohol, that's not how they usually act.  I always disagreed with that, I think the alcohol just let the real person out.


I think social media like this forum is much the same.  People who in their real lives are probably quite as church mice become the most borish, insulting, dimwitted twits.   Bet they are that way drunk too.  That's who they really are.


Good thing is most people can use social media, or drink without turning into monsters.