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catholicism in the USA


As noted, the American Revolution was in no small part incited by Protestant bigotry against catholicsm with the Quebec Act as the trigger.


And of course in our more recent history the northern Klan in the '20s episode was primarily a nativist response to catholic immigration and the political influence that the big city democratic machines were building.


Neither is a reason for any pride on the part of the descendants (or our nation), merely an historical fact.


If the US was intended to be a christian nation by the founders then there has to be a with a big asterisk- it was intended as a protestant nation.


The luck of it is that the enlightened protestant founders hated the pope so much that they set it up so that NO religion, not even theirs, could be officially enshrined.


What we did with this complicated history was somewhat akin to the history of convenience that we created about the confederacy- basically decided that we'd create an altered view of history for the expediency of being united.


Hawthorne's The Gray Champion


"THERE WAS ONCE a time, when New-England groaned under the actual pressure of heavier wrongs, than those threatened ones which brought on the Revolution. James II, the bigoted successor of Charles the Voluptuous, had annulled tile charters of all the colonies, and sent a harsh and unprincipled soldier to take away our liberties and endanger our religion."