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caught in the crossfire of WW IV

With WW III having been the Cold War.


WW IV is being fought between us (bqasically the old G7 countries plus Israel and the Gulf Arabs) and the new Axis- Russia, China, Iran, Syria and an assorted lesser players.


The Saudis and Gulf allies are flooding the oil market in a bid to bankrupt Russia. My guess is that the recent big inventory builds signal new lows in crude coming soon as we try to finish the job. Hard telling how it ends there.


That much (the larger geoploitical context) is almost certain. Less certain but pretty credible is that then boom side of the funhouse ride we've been on was also related to this war that began with our two failed middle east invasions as an attempt for the old order to control the flow of the global energy trade. Oil to $150 was probably a part of that game as was the crazypants (and hugely destabilizing) ethanol overshoot that ensued.


Point being, little is what it seems.  And, it is a profoundly dangerous time. The Axis is probably winning by a bit at the rpesent juncture but the major strategic weapon (financial) is still very much in play.


One other note, while TP type republicans are into killing furriners way more than most they don't really get this whole thing and the deep state types, both R and D, who are running this show are going to be running out of patience.

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Re: caught in the crossfire of WW IV


Game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel.  How does this piece of the puzzle fit in? 


Re: caught in the crossfire of WW IV

The presence of substantial offshore gas- off Israel, Lebanon and Syria, isn't new news.


Russia needs to block a pipeline through Syria that would break their stanglehold on Europe by keeping Assad in power..


The same 'ol Great Game.

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Re: caught in the crossfire of WW IV

Doesn`t it aways boil down to these dictators aren`t really as bad as their press and a big reason they are villified is they are seen as a threat to the "petro-dollar"? they must go, but everytime what fills the vacuum of these "evil" dictators is 10X worse.  Putin is choosing teammates for his side, because he sees the handwriting and with the way the world has been alienated, Putin will have no shortage of those wanting to sign up.


3 years ago Syrian Girl told why her country is on the shinola list.  Syria doesn`t have a central bank, no IMF debt, no GMO grain, alternate future pipeline and Syria is a secular nation very rare in the Middle east.



Re: caught in the crossfire of WW IV

On the one hand, sure, we're not so great.


On the other neither is PutinCorp* (even if you and your brethren had your loins set on fire by the picture of his pale bare chest with gun over it done by his NY PR firm.)


And then you have the matter of Israel, which is alternately the biblical Promised Land when Bibi comes over to speak to the GOP in congress, but up to their necks in this mess and our being stuck in it.


Gotta get your story straight.


*PutinCorp CEO Vlad Putin is surely the most powerful man on the planet. Gates and Buffet may have similar net worths but they don;t have several thousand nuke warheads at their personal discretion.



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Re: caught in the crossfire of WW IV

You also have to remember "hey, the oil we get will pay for it!"  Problem was that dickie made sure his company got all of it and the US middle and lower income groups got the debt for the wars!!!  Does anyone really think the current crop of rightwingers are going to fight this war??