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check this out

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Senior Advisor

Re: check this out

Not sure what it means Sam. Looks like a response to a Lieberman bill in the Senate. It's an amendment to another bill but couldn't find the bill.

Re: check this out

It would appear that with the new provisions in the ndaa upon suspicion of terroristic thoughts you'll be locked up and you'll lose your citizenship. Note that it's a republican bill.

Won't make the news Sam

Danny Schechter at AlJazeera gets it on nuts:




This could be one reason for the passage of the new NDAA defence authorisation bill that provides for rounding up dissidents branded as terrorists while suspending legal protections.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Won't make the news Sam

Vladmir Putin got in on the nads, too, when he told 60 minutes that news in the USA is some of the most censored in the world. He actually laughterd at the 60 minute reporters when they suggested that somehow Russians were more in the dark about what was going on than Americans.


We may very die knowing that the early internet age was one of the most free times America ever knew. The times we are living in right now.

Re: Won't make the news Sam

He's right the msm is not covering it, MF global is long gone and buried. But you know, the information is out there. People have to take responsibility for educating themselves. I think more are, that's why the msm is dying.

Re: Won't make the news Sam

We probably should enjoy those times while we can. 


It isn't going to stay like this forever.  It's either going to be severed, censored or restricted to where it may as well have been or made so expensive that only economic elites can utilize it.


Taking over the interwebs would likely be the first action to take place under the imposition of marshall law.  And I can't see that there won't be some situation or set of circumstances taking place in our near lifetimes where it wouldn't .  All it will take is the right  bank or national economy to fail.  And not necessarily a U.S. bank, or our econonomy first.