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classic fascism

While keeping the predominant tribe focused on all their enemies (fill in the blank, plenty for any individual to choose from) the neoliberal project shall be completed with destruction of middle class entitlement programs.


Probably the biggest rubes in this game of three card monte will be the deficit handwringers.


Although it may look pretty good for a while owing to dynamic scoring that has been mandated by the house GOP.


This is starting to look worse than we might have feared if the abinet choices are any indication.


BTW, as far as health care reform- take this to the bank. Nobody who matters will lose anything much on the deal. The only possible changes will be for one group of people who don't matter to gain a bit at the expense of another group of the same.

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Re: classic fascism

While it is true that there are a number of groups for whom the urgency of the moment is so great that all of this is good, or at least a necessary evil, it is fair to say that a significant majority of Americans either had no idea what they were getting into or opposed Trump.


But he will soon have total control of all branches of government. The toughest peacetime (for now) years in our nation since at least the thirties.