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Senior Contributor

coming to their senses?

As Charles Mackay observed (paraphrased), "men, it will be seen, go mad in herds. But they only return to their senses, slowly, and one by one."

A solid third of Americans are now dedicated anti-government, christian primitivist, nationalist, nativist nuts. A majority in many rural areas, as opposed to the quarter to third who have always resided here.

It was a professional job, really. It exploded with the direct mail scams of the Tea Party stuff after the GFC/Obama election and was pushed forward by supplement hawking TV and radio pundits and various other financial opportunists. Social media fake news and propaganda of both domestic and foreign origin pushed it to a head before the election. The NRA has been revealed to be another of the financial scams but somebody else will step into that space although perhaps not to the extent of the NRA in this election cycle.

Dunno, it will be interesting to watch.