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common errors in language or speech

for example: " law enforcement to recover that firearm" when speaking of confiscating guns from law abiding citizens is a complete misnomer.  The gun cannot be recovered because those Democrats never owned it.

The same is true of the ridiculous term "gun buy back" as they never owned the guns and therefore cannot buy back that which they never owned.

This is a hallmark of the the left and the current crop of Democrats.  They rename things or call them by something to make them sound  acceptable or even noble.  Examples are referring to abortion as a woman's right to choose, or communists as socialists, or terrorists as freedom fighters and illegal aliens are undocumented workers or immigrants.

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Senior Advisor

Re: common errors in language or speech

anti-American militiamen as patriots?

Senior Contributor

Re: common errors in language or speech

Please repost in Spanish so all the democrats understand.