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So sad a crook got fired and may lose some of his pension.  Where's the sadness for Flynn? 


Here you go, thick as thieves, this den, this establishment, this club, this whatever you want to call it. The fix was in to get Flynn from the get-go. Flynn has lost his house. He’s had to sell his house. All Michael Flynn has ever done is defend this country. He has worn the uniform of the military, and he’s been decorated. He ran the Defense Intelligence Agency for the Obama administration. He was one of the early sign-ons for Trump’s campaign.


He had to cop the plea to stop the investigation because he couldn't afford to fight it any longer. And, meanwhile, over here is McCabe (imitating McCabe), “Please don’t fire me. I don’t want to lose my pension. I did 21 years. I don’t get my pension if you fire me before Sunday, oh, my God, please don’t.”


the FBI arranged for an interview with Flynn that he did not know was an interview. And Peter Strzok did it! Peter Strzok. And it happened at the White House.


Strzok did not think that Flynn had lied to him. We also know the Washington Post saw a transcript of this conversation, this interview between Strzok and Flynn, and the Washington Post in January of 2017 wrote a story concluding they didn’t think Flynn had lied. Yet, Flynn ends up being indicted for lying

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Re: comparison

A bit of an "Untouchables" moment of (being meeeean) and sending one of theirs to the hospital after they attempt extorted testimony and sent some of ours to the hospital.   That FBI really needs a good house cleaning, what happened to the good agents like Scully and Mulder?

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Re: comparison


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Re: comparison

I don't like the fact that he is fired without making public exactly what he did.  Reports say "lacked candor — including under oath",   that sounds exactly like what Flynn is charged with, why is McCabe not charged with a crime?

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change that

I don't think Flynn was under oath.