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conspiracy theories

which all the mainstream punditry is telling us not to engage in.

Putting an ultra-high profile prisoner who has compromising information on many powerful people* in a prison where his safety is not assured is, by definition, a conspiracy.

The MSM is playing right along, running stories about the crisis of understaffing in prisons, etc. This Admin could have kept him alive if they wanted to. He "attempted suicide" once.

Which begs the question, as it did when the Bush Administration protected Epstein. Who are they are protecting?

I'm thinking that neither the Bush or Trump Admins were going to go out on a limb to protect Bill Clinton, even if the Q Group disagrees.

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there is this

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Re: there is this

(This Admin could have kept him alive if they wanted to. He "attempted suicide" once.)

(There is this)

I was skeptical about your claim that the Trump administration could have kept epstein alive if they wanted to - then you posted this picture as absolute proof......


Re: there is this

Of course they could if they'd wanted to.

That's just silly.

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Re: there is this

Woodward and Bernstein are on the case.


Re: there is this

"hung with a bedsheet" although that's not "official."

They give paper sheets to prisoners at that level of custody, no belts, shoestrings, clothes capable of supporting weight.

If you want to keep a guy alive who a lot of powerful individuals and several top rate intelligence services want dead, you can keep him on 24 hour cctv watch.

Let's see, who oversees the AG and DOJ?


Re: there is this

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Re: conspiracy theories

Not one believes he killed himself.  And no one is surprised you want to blame bush and trump.   


You've already said you'd lie, cause its war.  No credibility.


Re: conspiracy theories

while both men are demonstrably stupid, they were in charge when

a) the DOJ undercut the State of Florida to give Epstein the deal of the century, and

b) he "died in the custody" of the DOJ.

BTW, Morning Joe got some heat for saying it looked Russian. His point wasn't that the Russians did it, it is a fact that inconvenient people have a tendency to do that there.

Although Putin is a hottie and dictatorship is way better than socialism.