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Senior Advisor

Re: conspiracy theories

I actually think he probably did kill himself.

But the means to do it had to be introduced into his cell and a time window without supervision had to be there.



Re: there is this

Just too funny !

so people that have not been in power for 20ish years at the presidential level , and 10ish years at the State Department level are the perps of this dastardly deed.

how worthless and impotent are the current holders of all the power of the Presidency, and DOJ when has beens are able to pull all of this off right under their noses....???... 

Barr is spinning like a top, Daddy Chubs was the first powered official to start deflecting and projecting.


A skunk smells it’s own hole first.

Senior Advisor

Re: conspiracy theories

Even if he talked, the best deal he was going to get this time was living out the rest of his days in a supermax. 

Anywhere else- whether he talked or not- he was a dead man.

Doubt that the prospect appealed to him much, given the "comforts" he'd become accustomed to.