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cops cant find ammo

the gun cos are doing the best in keeping the gov out of ammo ---we need to push them more to keep the dicktater down

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Re: cops cant find ammo

Ipman - LMAO!  Hell for a while we had highway patrol officers here in Iowa who could not buy gas because they did not have the money in their budget.  Must be the same feeling for a rancher with no cattle.  I mean . . . they were buying their own gas, so they could play cowboy and indians.   


I thought it was great the proved by their absence we did not need them.   What is more funny than a government that cannot afford the gas or ammo for its trained killers. LMAO!


Golly, they may have to go to a few of these gun auctions and buy the Ammo they need so they can use their license to kill.  Without gas and ammo they are little Bitchezzzzzz.  I always believed that if they can't get gas, and the can't get ammo what are they doing feeding at the public trough.   Adios amigo. John