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craig. re Ireland

Daughter spent 5 months in school there a few back. Came back and reported that the vast majority of the people she met seemed to be in a race to drink, smoke and eat themselves to death. But then she's a little "windy"... Just like you.
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Re: craig. re Ireland

Most everyone I saw walked to where they needed to go, outside of Dublin and Belfast. Saw almost no fat people. The pubs have no smoking in them, but I did see see some hanging around outside having a smoke, same as here. The Irish do, for the most part, love to have a pint or two, but did not see anyone "three sheets to the wind", and I visited several pubs. (Before you ask, I only had 8 pints of Guinness all the time I was there). All in all, the people lived a healthier lifestyle than is done here. They are so used to rationed care that they know no different. They are always chatting about when it will be their turn to get to the top of the list to get a medical procedure done. It is sad, really.

Re: craig. re Ireland

Of course that's the fault of the English.