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crazy imo

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Re: crazy imo

That is crazy, nuts and insane..and half the damned country would go for it..maybe more, who knows how far we`ve slid down the slippery slope since Mitt Romney ran in 2012.   But this sort of thing is exactly why Slanders is still in this, to speak at the convention and hold Hitlery to the hard left, if she wants the Insane Clown Posse`s support in the general election and she does.


But what the usefull idiot communist Democrat voters don`t understand is, giving out a universal check waters down everyone`s money by the same`s wealth redistribution actually.  The money has to come from somewhere.


And the side effect is like opening a Sardine can and putting it on the porch and wondering why you have every damned cat in 4 counties on your front yard ..meowing and waving their`s the smell of free fish!    To give out that kind of money, they`d be Mexicans, Guatemalacans, Kenyancans, Cambodiacans...all kinds of "cans" flooding over the border to get their slice of the "American dream".

bruce MN

Hey guys

I'd read that yesterday and wondered if it might not show up here.


Crazy thing is that Murray isn't a Democrat, liberal, progressive, Marxist or whatever you are thinking he might be. He's a Libertarian with a long following of prominent conservative characters.  But conservatives means 'conservative' something much different to them than it does to the bagger and xenonophobic later day movement that has given us our current political atmosphere 


The math that he frames this proposal around is compelling. He calls for the elimination of ALL of that "new dealie" stuff that you purported conservatives hate, all the while collecting and benefitingfrom the prime portions of it.  He praises individual initiative.  


Your repulsion is driven by the thought that some undeserving "other" might be involved in the manner he describes, even though he points out very clearly that the poor sap would be "taking" considerably less in net than they 

ikely are now.  I'm curious as to what 3020's take on this might be, as he's firmly convicted of the notion that non-government institutions are better poised to deal with these issues.  What Murray proposes is no different than building highways or dams or a section of power grid.  Would cost you much less than you contribute now. But, obviously, it's the matter of inherent unworthiness that is in play for you.  "Those people" need to be kept treading their walk of shame, by the hour. 

bruce MN

Re: crazy imo

Don't be surprised if you find that your Donald could be a Murray kind of guy.


From Italy: