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crazy stuff that people believe

It is like I wtote recently about the unshakable belief of some clean cut Mormon missionaries in the historical fact of Joseph Smith's revelations.


People believe the darmdest things and when they do you aren't going to change 'em.


If you want to believe that General Electric is going to come build your levee (and do it better and more efficiently than guvmint boorowcats are going to)  then go on.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: crazy stuff that people believe

Tell me it isn't true but I heard there are still the odd nutter who believes in god too.

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Re: crazy stuff that people believe

Who says the government shouldn't be building levees?  Maybe there are a few on this site who say not but I think most conservatives believe that government should be building and maintaining infrastructure and providing for the defense of our country.  At some point in our history, beginning with a Democrat, government decided that people needed a helping hand from the taxpayer from time to time.  The programs that came out of that line of thinking have exploded into something that is unaffordable and makes building levees and infrastructure and maintenance of those necessities unaffordable too.


Re: crazy stuff that people believe

you do realize a contractor, like ge, actually built the levee right?
Veteran Advisor

Re: crazy stuff that people believe

The Army Corps of Engineers built the new one in NO after Katrina and it took right at 6 years to complete