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crime wave continues

new obstruction (borderline, will be if he retaliates against potential witnesses by revoking SC).


jury tampering


corrupt use of office, emoluments (DOJ seeks injunction against release of Trump DC Hotel records)

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is the most expensive suite I could find listed for Trump DC hotel but there may be more expensive unlisted ones.


Just booking one for a year would provide a perfectly "legal" way to pay a $600K bribe.


Selectively ghosting rooms at various Trump managed properties it would be a simple matter to pass through many $millions in bribes.

better than regular crime

since the going rate to launder money is 30-50%.


Nobody knows if Trump's multi-$Billion carry forward loss is used up yet or not, but if it isn't he can run bribes through there and they are legal- at least from a tax point of view- and tax free.

Re: $1709/night

if they got greedy it is possible that records might show some double booked income?


doesn't show a lot of availability for the expensive suites.


Busy place.

to set the record straight

it appears that Trump's big net carryforward loss was $916M booked in '95.


18 years is the limit so he would have had to find ways to use it up by 2013 or so.


So he probably is paying taxes on any bribes funneled through the business, assuming that there is net income.

jury tampering

runs in the family, or at least with the in laws- that was the heart of the case that put Kushner Sr. in jail.


While our famously courageous press might deem it just another case of this POTUS breaking "norms", the POTUS commenting on a criminal trial before it goes to the jury is jury tampering.

Re: $1709/night

I'm not afraid of your what abouts so to me, your post being quite possibly true, sounds like a $500;000 speech. 

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Re: jury tampering

(...the POTUS commenting on a criminal trial before it goes to the jury is jury tampering.)


I remember your same outrage when Obama was commenting on Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman prior to the Zimmerman trial Smiley Wink

Re: jury tampering

I was fascinated to see what sort of a silly whatabout? you'd come up with.


While the RWNJs will be thrilled that you've shut me down with such an incisive reposte, it really doesn't rise to the level of deserving a response.