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crypto-christian monarchists

in fairness to the Catholics, they're just an (important) leg on the thumper stool- particularly for providing some intellectual legitimacy to SCOTUS nominees without the historical taint of snake handling, polygamy and such.


But this is about recreating an authoritarian and hierarchical world that promises to turn back from the inclusiveness of liberal democracy.


The Hebrews also riding piggyback on it. They're even willing to risk a dalliance with Nazi types in order to support the more numerous Christian Zionists. That part seems to be working as The Final Solution- the creation of a permanent Middle eastern apartheid ethnostate- is nearly locked in.



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how to take the culture war from red to white hot

right before the midterms.


Kavanaugh looks shaky at this point but I'd say that short term expediency would suggest going ahead and taking it to a vote just so Red State Senate incumbents have to vote. To heck with Murkowski and Collins, they'll worry about that later.


Then they'll come back with Amy Coney Barrett who is a member of a pagan fertility cult that operates under the Notre Dame protective umbrella. She likely doesn't have the personal vulnerabilities of Kav and if anything is even more distinctly and openly opposed to Roe v. Wade.


She might have been the original nominee except that Kavanaugh really stood out for his monarchist views- obviously an important matter to the erstwhile King..

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Re: crypto-christian monarchists

Ok. So now you kick the Catholics and the Jews from your tent. Who's left? Who is welcome?

Re: crypto-christian monarchists

I'm not telling Amy Coney Barrett that she has to use contraception or that she can't have as many kids as she wants.


I'm perfectly OK if any of our citizens or legal residents want to practice Judaism or anything else they'd like.