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dag...did yo wathc the D.C. press banquet?

Whaever they call it now. Used to be the Gridiron Banguet I believe.


Took the time to watchsome clips. Funny stuff...from both sides. Alot of of it self-depreciating comments. Rand Paul was good. Best was Weiner...could have been a good standup comic. His best was upon introducing the new Dem. Representative from La. who replaced the disgraced Jefferson.  "From all reports, he prefers to keep his money at room temperature,"


Just about every one that I heard, both D and R ,took the opportunity to get in at shot at Michelle Bachman.

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Re: dag...did yo wathc the D.C. press banquet?

I missed it.  Where did you see it?

Over the years we have had several politicians that I thought had pretty good comedic talents.