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dancing in the blood

Particularly despicable.  You know who you are.

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Yes. Truly unspeakable..

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Re: dancing in the blood

Why don't you tell us who you mean Sam? We have no secrets on here between us buddies, now, do we?

Tick Tock......BONGx9!!!!!!!!!

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Re: dancing in the blood

Ih - maybe if something was done years ago - yesterday wouldn't have happened.

The brain of a two year old - whatever. You must know some really smart two year olds....

Tick Tock...,,BONGx9!!!!!!!!!


Re: Yes. Truly unspeakable..

Realizing full well that you would never watch. It the program is headed up by a Republican (former Congressman) and there are GOP members of Congress on nearly every day. 


She had every right to note the sudden distinction. A group held hostage to a massive contributor for money money and the extreme flank of the party for the marginal  votes that keep them in office.  Many are facing the loss of those voters in primaries and interparty uprisings.  Facing that, giving up the money would be suicide.


Not sure what happens to the party if the President were to revert to his well known previous, pre. Running for President views on guns.  Better keep him away from Chuck and Nancy.