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dancing on the grave of freedom

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: dancing on the grave of freedom

Dr Sam, how much more will the people take, those that`ve voted Republican the last 4 and 6 years at least, have taken the "red pill".  The blue voters and "blue pill takers" have to recognize the hypocrisy at some point?  

Guns will be taken from the Red pill takers, but the Blue pill crowd are nuts with their BLM bull crap, there`s a lot of power there, ask a Minneapolis or Portland storeowner, if only their rage is targeted against tyranny.  Perhaps they can be trained apes that only act on command, all the elite has to do is report "a Black teenager is shot by a white cop" and then "Squirrel!!! Go git him boy!". 

Tree Squirrels (Genus Sciurus) · iNaturalist

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Re: dancing on the grave of freedom

If they try take the guns, Dr BA, they'll have to confiscate.  If they do that a lot of people will die.  Someone should start a take a democrat with you campaign.

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Re: dancing on the grave of freedom


You're just whiny, tinyfingered snowflakes.