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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Shore

Nutz, you dont see any irony in your post about draining the swamp (washington DC) and Obama's large crowds (washington DC).

It must be nice to be so bright in ones own mind.

Re: Shore

That would, I guess, follow some twisted logic in the mind of a fervent skinhead?


It was actually a perfectly fine crowd, and polite, respectful. It was Trumpsky who had to turn it into some of his patented WWF melodrama.


The man is not well.


Of course for followers of the hybrid Rand/Prosperity theology (some internal contradictions therein). anyone with a lot of money is blessed and wise.


Even if it is inherited and nearly pissed away a few times but for defrauding lenders and investors.

Senior Contributor

Re: danger danger

At the root of it is his poor showing  in the popular vote.

He can not accept that almost 3 million people did not want him as president and only the rigged system (his claim remember) allowed him to get the prize.

that just grates on his poor self esteem and yes probably has him in a bad mental state.


He is also not known for being able to sort out the truth from what he just believes and does not worry about telling lies.

After all the electors in enough states thought his lies were Ok and according to reports less than 100,000 in those few states forced the rigged system to put him in as president even though he lost the popular vote by millions. 

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Shore

I don't see the worship of Trump ....if anything, even those that voted for the man see him as a very flawed human. But he can be an instrument to take the USA back to solid republican rule. 


On the other hand, Obama was put out there as the second coming of the Messiah. Yet, Barry couldn't even run a pop stand.