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definitions matter I guess

When debating statistics its best to know what they mean.

Summary: There is no standard definition of what constitutes a mass shooting. Media outlets, academic researchers, and law enforcement agencies frequently use different definitions when discussing mass shootings, leading to different assessments of how frequently mass shootings occur and whether they are more common now than they were a decade or two ago.

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Re: definitions matter I guess

Yes, and "scientists disagree."

The public is getting sick of the ones that are a clear form of terrorism on our society. Schools, public spaces, astonishing legal firepower.

When some gangbangers in the 'hood sweep off a sidewalk with a Mac 10 in a driveby*, that is terrorism too. But it is highly specific terrorism on that neighborhood. "We" don't feel that, in fact there's plenty of "see, I told you."

Some majority of people don't live inside the gun absolutism bubble and they are tired of it. I actually sort of think that the tipping point would not have been reached is those events involved a couple of Glocks with normal sized magazines and fatality rates less than half of what are being scored. That's 100% the NRAs own fault.

*immaterial, but tend to be high casualty but lower fatality events. Probably owing to the weaponry used, or maybe "those people" are just bad shots. Actually not sure that many of the recent mass shooters were highly trained but they had good equipment for the task.

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Re: definitions matter I guess

I'd argue that not many are terrorism.   Terrorism being something intended to bring political change.   Dayton and El Paso being among the exceptions.    Most are crime related, notoriety related (and therefore mental health), or revenge (and likely mental health) domestic issue related.


People will keep telling you that in many of these shootings it was better they had an ar and not a semi auto shotgun and 00 buck, but I'm sure you won't listen.

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Re: definitions matter I guess

Shotgun isn't as sexy as an AR, which is part of the root of these things.

But yes, you'll only see, perhaps, a modest reduction in these events and/or the degree of lethality. But the public is tired of this, it is now a political liability for the GOP.

There's actually not a great deal of difference between these young men who are radicalized on the internet and young men who become suicide bombers after attending a Madrasa. Probably aslo more similarity than not between the Imans and the top of the RW propaganda chain.

BTW, looks like various law enforcement agencies have scooped up around 30 "potential shooters." I don't expect gun absolutists to admit that they present a challenge to civil liberties, just like they won't admit that they have a role in police militarization.

Do you happen to be acquainted with any of the AARP militia ring that they nabbed with IEDs down your way?


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Re: definitions matter I guess

I haven't heard anything about it.


Re: definitions matter I guess

I opened your post presuming, with the news of the past couple of days, that you were going to be bringing up defenitiins of “loyalty” and “anti-semitransparent” as they are being kicked around, and in the case of the later, fractured.

For another time, I guess.