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Veteran Advisor

Re: destroy anything from the pro slavery

@rsbs wrote:

Tick tock....get some help. I mentioned that David Viscott used to be $6.99 at Barnes and Nobles...."Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times". lot cheaper than professional shrinks, and probably works as good.

I broke up with a damaged woman once, she had been through a divorce and had a lot of internal baggage even though she was a Bo Derick look alike on the outside. I recommended that book to her. One of the last times I ever saw her was at a B and N bookstore, and I looked down and she had that book in hand, ready to purchase. So sometimes people do listen.....not sure if she got the help she needed or not, but I tried.

Donald Trump is not the cause of your turmoil and problems. They were there before DJT came to power and will be there after he leaves office.

My thought process is clear.  Always has been.  The damaged goods?   You elected it to office in 2016.   Trump will lose.   And America - and the military, will ensure his removal from office, as that might be required.  

Trump knows that when he loses this fall, he’s no longer protected from all the lawsuits that are waiting for him.   

I will be there with America, to yell “lock him up”.   You want to help someone that needs help - I suggest to do an intervention on Mr. Milligan before he does something he will truly regret.