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do you really trust obalmo

iran says they  are preparing for war and obalmo says no they are joshing--remember when he was told the embassy would be attacked   obalmo said noway--cost american lives --when he was told holder was selling guns to drug lords --obalmo say noway--cost american lives --when the muslimes in afghan said they  would infitrate the armed forces --oablamo said noway --cost american lives --any body see a pattern here --lets give israel all the nukes they need and tell them when you get the muslime countreis flat enough we can plant corn call us

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Re: do you really trust obalmo

I'm beginning to wonder who really made this "film". The pathetic quality, looks like it was made by some idiot camel humper. It's timing, being released at the anniversary of 9-11. Timed also with the already planned terror attacks on our embassies and consulate. The phony outrage that has gone on for over 2 weeks and with nearly every muslim leader calling for world wide blasphemy laws for anyone who insults the  prophet. It is all just looking to coordinated.