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bruce MN

That fits with the school massacres

Still wanting for the first urban event.


You know....where “all of the trouble” is and emenates from.

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Re: drugs

IH, nothing seems to hurt worse thsn back pain, I know it to, since I was 19. I know a lady in, AZ. She lives in is close to the Mayo Clinic, and they declined to help her, so she went online and bought marijwana and she claimed it worked good. An she is a very religious woman.I also had an Aunt that had 9 operations at U of M and she never was without pain, or walked straight up again. I have always said surgery on my back is never going to happen.
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Re: Its for the children

The by products of the war on drugs are much worse than the societal effects of the use of drugs.


That is very true statement 

You will notice that some drugs are declared to be illegal and others are allowed, even celebrated in society.

Many now illegal drugs used to be available in the past and some that were illegal in the past have now been accepted as OK.


Look at alcohol which is a known carcinogen and is allowed even celebrated by many 


i am in the camp that says any and all drugs should be allowed with controls and oversight on their safe manufacture and distribution like alcohol and coffee (yes caffeine is a far more hazardous chemical than many of the chemicals that people demonstrate against). If someone wants to use any drug the only law is they should do it in a safe environment and stay off public roads etc. especially in operation of machinery.


Also they should pick up the medical costs on their own from the results of using those drugs like cirosous of the liver and lung cancer to name a few.

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Re: drugs

Thanks for the response gto....Pain sucks..........Have you ever had kidney stones?...........OUCH.........

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Re: drugs

I have know friends that have pain and can no longer get meds for various reasons. It does not take long for them to start looking for them on the street......My daughter is in the medical field......she says it is only going to get harder for these doctors to give you much of anything anymore..............They are very careful about it now......