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dumb tech question

How do I put a stop to email alerts on messages? TIA, h

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bruce MN
Veteran Advisor

Re: dumb tech question

I believe there was a check box that allowed you to request being left off of the email list. Wich I did no avail. I've kept right on getting them. Dozens a day.


I believe ths has been asked before, with no response from the site managment.


Thank goodness that I used an email acocount that we seldom use for anything else. Had I used the address to our primairy server account that we use for everything else I'd have been served divorce papers by now.


Hoping that we get an answer and directions to a solution this time.

Senior Contributor

Re: dumb tech question

Not a dumb question at all. It is not easy to figure this website out.


1. You need to be signed in and then click "My settings"

2. Click the "Subscriptions & Bookmarks" tab.

4. Uncheck "Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate in" and uncheck "Notify me for my own posts."


You can also check the e-mail delivery as weekly to reduce SF messages.


I think that's it, but I don't know for sure.