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dumocrats have spoken

2  of the obamo klan have said americans have no right to have their  own money--can obamoites spell socialism now

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A different response.....


So what else is happening with you other than this? Down in the Arkansas, we are finally having cool weather for a change - since September kicked in. That's lot better than constant triple digit temps - we had the hottest summer on record. It looks like the rice and bean crop will be super good due to some rains at just the right time. it may have been hot, but we did get some important rain. Cotton looks good too. A few fields were left barren by those who were not able to plant right after the floods this spring (we had some record floods) or were simply late, but those who had good drainage and were on time will do well. Anyone growing hay had at least a double crop. It was close for many folks, but we are a heck of a lot better off than most in Texas and Oklahoma who just saw their crops dry up and some had to watch their homes and businesses burn.


We are pretty thankful here. Things are doing pretty well when we look at other parts of the country and what is happening there. I almost forgot - went to a tractor and engine show last weekend and had a great time and saw lots of old friends. I sold an old Briggs Model W washing machine engine and gave away a trailer to a JD pedal tractor to a museum.


Take care and try to count your blessings when you can. Too many sour grapes will ruin your soul.

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Spoken again

This is a bump. Ollie, perhaps you were too "busy" to reply. Are you a real person? Have anything to say?