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even the liberal Guardian

calls the KS abortion referendum "an upset".

59-41 with 47% turnout is not an upset.

But the conventional wisdom was BS. Where were all our "free thinking contrarians" on that?

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Re: Heard a prominate anti-abortion lawyer try to spin Kansas this morning

She sure sounded bewildered & confused, something about Kansas not being a "Red State".  Complained about outside money, and when she was asked about all the outside money the anti-abortion faction spent as well, she said, "that's different".

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Re: Heard a prominate anti-abortion lawyer try to spin Kansas this morning

So all that happened yesterday and keeping baby killing alive in Kansa is your major victory ....says a lot about the Death Cult Party and the direction they want civilization to go 

Can you two lovers once again tell the importance of killing the unborn who have no choice ?

You all are making brilliant points today😂

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Re: even the liberal Guardian

Hey, hypocrats are passionate when it comes to killin the unborn baby heartbeats.  I admire you hypocrats passion for these killins - but sure wish you hypocrats were just as passionate, or even a 1/10th as passionate, on inflation, the Southern border fentanyl & human smuggling expressway, supply chain, crime, baby formula, etc. etc. etc. etc.,.....but I guess hypocrats can't kill & chew gum at the same time.

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Re: even the liberal Guardian

Calling sucking the brains out of innocent unborn humans health care is the same science that says men menstruate have babies and chest feed.