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ever feel like the world has gone insane?


The truth is, of course, that you can’t see gender on an anatomy scan. “Gender is the social, behavioral, and psychological characteristics that we use to distinguish the sexes,” writes Daniel L. Carlson for Psychology Today. “By definition, parents have no idea what the gender of their child will be since they have yet to interact with the child.”

Biological sex and gender identity are not perfectly correlated, and for those who have fought to break down the rigid adherence to binary stereotypes, seeing them resurface as a way of categorizing people not yet born is frankly painful. “Gendered binaries support patriarchal and hegemonic interests and institutions,”

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Re: ever feel like the world has gone insane?

They might be on to something there Sam.....over a decade ago I was already wondering if the beta "guys" posting on ag forum actually had a set, and the "lady" democrat politicians such as Mrs. Clinton seem to be like Chuck Norris...having three or more.