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failing states- Bo Jo steps down

Boris Johnson resigns from the cabinet in protest of what appeared to be a successful negotiation into a Soft Brexit. Full blown crisis dead ahead.


Polls indicate that there's only a few points, at most, in variance with the Brexit vote- few people have changed their minds. But they do believe that May has been a failure in handling it.


This has to be be a terrific delight for Putin who used his bots and cutouts like Nigel Farage* to create chaos in one of the cornerstone states of the western alliance.


*Farage is a former Refco trader going back to their first bankruptcy, before MF global took them over and led them into an even bigger debacle. A few of you might have lost some money in those deals.


But he did make an enormous amount betting on Brexit- even making a false concession to move the market.

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the best of both worlds

can still be an imperfect one.


You could argue that being in the eurozone but having its own currency was a good as the UK was going to get.

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Re: the best of both worlds

Such a genius. You are going to solve all the worlds problems with your great mind.

Re: the best of both worlds

just answered the ad that said they were looking for a one eyed man to be king

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Re: failing states- Bo Jo steps down

Tiny al, anything he says is much much better than anything your garbage mouth spews!