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Senior Advisor

Re: farm programs do NOT bailout farmers.

Spent half the night making a spreedsheet
For the new farm bill (wheat). I'm starting
To think what farm bill!
don't look like we will get
Bean and corn maybe.

Worrysome is the projected prices suggested
Thru 2018....lower than now!

I think we would have (and our small rural
Towns), if we could have kept at least half
Of the direct payments, and kept ccp. I
Think corn and beans may have triggered
So to speak. We could have had cuts
And somewhat of a net, all be it a few holes!

Would have not made anyone rich, but at
Least helped smooth out the potholes.

Senior Contributor

Re: In a very ironic twist

Hell, man, you are a wealthy man. Read this, maybe you will feel better! It opened my eyes, can you open yours??