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???? for any Missourians here

If the indicted Greitans wins the GQP Primary tomorrow does it increase the chance of your sending Shumer etal a coveted 51st Senator?

I’ve talked to more than a couple of MO Democrats who intend to ask for a R ballot and vote for him in the primary. 

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Re: ???? for any Missourians here

Actually, I'm not really familiar with who all is even on the ballots, R or D, do know the list on the primary ballots are pretty long.  Only familiar with the top candidates on each side.

I don't count out Greitens for a few reasons -- he was elected governor, he resigned as governor primarily to protect his donor list, and most residents see through the slime-ball tactics of those who discredited and went after him (primarily Soros-funded STL prosecutor).  At the same time, the points brought up by those who went after him will undoubtedly be remembered, whether or not any of those points were actually true (some likely weren't, some possibly were, the charges were dropped). 

Whatever Dems do in the primary is their choice.  Personally, don't think any Dem running for MO Senator has a chance at this point (against Greitens or Schmitt), but things could still change.  AG Schmitt has been polling well ahead of Greitens and I would currently expect him to take the primary, and Nov election.  If Greitens is on the ballot in Nov, he will still get a lot of support.  Big city support will go to the Dems, as always, and mostly without regard to the name of the candidate nor their abilities, although there is a Dem big money candidate that will make for some competition, plus undoubtedly a lot of outside money flowing into the state.  Would also expect a Dem push to make abortion a big issue before the fall election, don't expect it to gain a lot of traction relative to a host of other issues, yet it could.

PS -- most of us are glad to see Blunt retire.  Probably something like 110 out of 114 counties are mostly Republican, though the other counties and City of St. Louis are overwhelmingly Democrat.  The election difference will likely boil down to the final candidates' appeal to women voters (abortion, childcare, freebies, federal focus versus family, church, individual responsibilities, limited government).