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bruce MN

??? for “conservatives”. Or Republicans

Of all stripes. Old schoolers like GHWB is being described, thumpers, registered Republicans, libertarians, nationalists, Trumpers and never Trumpers. The entire spectrum....

Are you all in on your absolutely locked in, just has to show up for the first 2 or 3 primaries 2020 nominee Nikki Haley?

When the same noisemakers who convinced the rubes and nativists to suppprt Trump, making the traditionalist Republican leadership stand there holding their xxxxx and looking like Custer or The Mayor of Hiroshima start screaming RINO! RINO! will it make a dent in the convention count?

There will be billions spent and big personal shifts in the party AND the lapdog FOX and Sinclair media empires in a full fronted effort to normalize the GOP.

Will probably work.
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Senior Advisor

Re: ??? for “conservatives”. Or Republicans

Personally I'm rooting for that Cortez babe.

Senior Contributor

Re: ??? for “conservatives”. Or Republicans

Nah, can't win without the Charlottesville crowd.


I'd actually expect Duke, Spencer or someone of that ilk to run in the primaries and garner enough votes to be a force to reckon with.


But when they don't win or get enough white supremacy on the platform they'll take their toys and go home.


Now as to those "toys"........

Veteran Advisor

Re: ??? for “conservatives”. Or Republicans

yeah, something to be said for total honesty with the socialism. I like that about Cortez.


Remember when Obama would be sarcastic about how he shared his toys?

bruce MN

Re: ??? for “conservatives”. Or Republicans

Obama who?


Only thing akin to that might be that the Dem candidate come more or less out of nowhere. I can see the front runners eating each other alive trying to out progressive each other and a search party finding someone palatable to the center, leaving the left no choice. Just as it just played out in the Statewide races here in Minnesota. 

bruce MN

Book review for ya. From one of your faves