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for stump pullers

As both DeLong and Hayek sort of arrive at, none of us is worth what we're paid.

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Re: for stump pullers

Which, I guess would suggest that paleo conservatism isn't altogether without merit.

If you are (or have a sense that you woulda used to be) the beneficiary of a system that bestowed great advantage on you, why wouldn't you be mad, or want to go back?

Although I think its a pretty thin argument to say that it is on account of Mexicans getting all the pork packing and roofing jobs. 

The Golden Age of the factory job was really pretty short- 1941 'til the Japanese invasion of the 70s and 80s.

The decline of agriculture in terms of offering mass employment is a whole 'nuther thing, which is pretty hard to blame on globalization.