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Re: free stuff

@jput wrote:

Why you'd think the canucks would be so proud of their product that they'd want it labeled:


Product of Canada

You totaly miss the point that the meat induistry in North America has become fully integrated.

Slaughter plants have been driven out of business in Canada in many cases because of greater size efficiencys in the US.

Livestock is born in one country and moved to the other to be raised sometimes crossing the border again to be slaughtered.


Now the system has been built to work that way a door has been slammed which if it remains closed will cost all consumers $$.


The trade laws are against this hidden tarriff and have been ruled so.

The list of items Canada is allowed to put tarriffs on in retaliation has been posted and awaits the final OK from the trade courts to be implemented and what does the US do?

Puts even more restrictive rules in place and claims it changed the legislation to fix the illegal trade restrictions.


Now when Canada and Mexico put tarriffs on to retaliate what will your country do?

Put tarrifs on more stuff and then more escalation and all the economies sink.


There are some serious implecations involved that will cost us all if it continues.

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Re: free stuff

Can you explain why Canada keeps having Mad Cow diseases more often than the US? Also there has been, in the past, some segregation of pigs in your plants, so what is the difference? Just because a council says a law isn't right doesn't mean that it doesn't happen in different ways in the plaintiff countries either. The world "court" wasn't created to protect the "little guy," it clearly helps the multinational conglomerate companies. I don't understand why you shouldn't promote "made in Canada" unless your only thinking of pushing cheap product down anothers' throat by undercutting fiscal and monetary policies of another country. If you want to be like China, like PORK wanted to be like chicken, that is your argument.

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Re: free stuff

I agree.  Why wouldn't canuck be so proud of his beef that he'd proudly label it as


Product of Canada


Ya know I'm fond of Canadian Bacon Pizza.    It just don't seem right to call it NAFTA free trade Bacon Pizza,  canuck.   You should be proud to label your stuff just like  you label your Canadian Maple Syrup and even sucker some consumers into paying a King George III's ransom for it,  LOL.



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Re: free stuff

@r3020 wrote:

@gough whitlam wrote:
But old 3020 won't have a bar of the truth.

The irony is he has forgot to mention that part of those numbers include vets, old age pensions, invalid and many others.

Tell us the number who are receiving unemployment benefits. While you are there could we now include all the farmers as bludgers as you are about to say about the unemployment?

The story mentions every person if you are capable of reading and comprehending it.

Exactly.  Your implication is that all these people have somehow materialised under the Obama government.  Off course it includes them.  I made the suggestion of your little misdemeanour and like a good little lackey you fell for it.

Only the other day you said you would play with me like some type of toy.  Well guess who is playing with who now. 

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Re: free stuff

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@r3020 wrote: 

Your "beef" is with Almighty Big Government and it's never ending regulations. All the consumers want is a quality product at an affordable price. But Almighty Big Government, in it's infinite wisdom, decide to create 100s of high paying tax payer funded jobs to force meat packers to put on worthless labels that has nothing to do with quality or affordability. All it does is give government more power and control.

No the problem is with the agriculture groups in the US that want COOL to be a tarrif to give them an unfair advantage in the market.

Obviously they know they are not as efficient a producer as others so they have to hide behind a trade barrier.


It is good that you can see the hypocracy of people who might want less government and then support more unnecessary rules that add more costs.


And can you list all the ag groups in your country that supoort COOL?

And what about those that oppose it?

I don't support these rules. I don't want a government strong enough to make these rules. All it does is create a lot of tax payer funded jobs that adds nothing to the quality of life. Another example of Almighty Bog Government living off the backs of the working class. I do see the hypocracy of anyone who support Almighty Big Government and then complain when it cost them money out of their own pockets. This is what you get when you create a monster. The monster has to feed to survive and now that monster is feeding off you.

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Re: Lesson Learned, Tout Le Monde (Everyone)

That a large, growing fascist Central Governing power is A VERY, VERY, BAD THING!
Living with the consequence of allowing that to happen will be very painful for all of us, and fatal for our children and grandchildren.
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Re: free stuff

"Fatal for our children". You are paranoid completely now. Get your to get your prescription filled immediately and have a lie goofy.