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from email, ya, you kind of know this

Bob Lonsberry is a upstate NY radio talk show personality covering Rochester, Syracuse and most of the areas of Central NY state . He is a staunch conservative and patriot.


An idiot is right half the time.
It’s just the odds, like flipping a coin. If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, you’re nonetheless going to get it right every now and then just by random chance.
An idiot is right half the time.
But when somebody’s wrong all the time, that’s something else. That’s not an accident, that’s on purpose. That’s not stupidity, that’s evil.
That’s a plan.
And that’s what’s going on with Biden and the Democrats. They are crashing the country. They are triggering systemic failures across the society and economy. And they are doing it on purpose.
That’s the only plausible explanation.
Nobody is this stupid by accident.
Nobody could wreak this much havoc, or destroy this much security and prosperity this quickly, without intentionally setting out to do so.
Through executive orders and disastrous decisions, Biden and the Democrats have pushed several vast national systems into calamity or collapse. Healthcare, gasoline, transportation, consumer products availability and affordability, national defense, international relationships, labor, food supply, public safety. By any metric, 2021 has turned out to be the most unstable and potentially disastrous American year in generations.
They lit the fire of inflation and tossed it like a bomb into the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.
And none of this has to do with the pandemic. Covid isn’t the cause, it’s the pretense. It is a convenient excuse to launch a long-planned attack on American liberty and prosperity. And it has worked.
And every indicator is downward. Every estimation of the burgeoning problems indicates that this is just the beginning and that any sort of recovery is more than a year away. With the turning of a calendar page, America has become less secure, less prosperous, and apparently intent on taking a big step out of the First World.
That’s not an accident.
That’s a hit job.
And that’s what progressivism is about. This is world socialism doing to the United States what it has long promised to do. This is no secret conspiracy. This was all done out in the open.
This is what fighting climate change looks like. This is what economic equality looks like. You can’t fix the world without breaking America. At least that’s what the progressives believe.
Socialism doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, it circles the globe. From the progressives’ perspective, the United States is not the light of the world, it is the blight of the world, a massive cancer disproportionately consuming, polluting and possessing. If socialism means taking from the rich to give to the poor, the United States is rich and everybody else is poor. We are not the society to be stabilized or enriched, we are the society to be looted. The Democrat plan is not to just redistribute wealth in the United States, but to redistribute wealth from the United States.
We have had our turn. We must fall that others may rise. Americans, with a lifestyle that includes meat and air conditioning and a house and a car, are rapacious hogs at the trough who must be brought down a peg. Any number of climate change experts have said that the key to saving the planet is deflating American prosperity and consumption.
And that is what the Democrats are doing.
The cost of gasoline almost doubled in a year. Natural gas projected to be 40% more expensive this year than last. Grocery stores with bare shelves and food costs outstripping family budgets. A transportation system locked in place with a quarter of a million cargo containers floating at anchor offshore. Hospitals, group homes and nursing homes pushed into near uselessness by vaccine mandates and regulations, with genuine access to quality healthcare no longer being an American reality. Businesses of every stripe crippled and closing because of a shortage of labor, the pool of workers reduced by generations of Democrat inducement to indolence. International humiliation in Afghanistan followed by challenges in the South China Sea and hyperglide vehicles screaming downward at Mach 5 from outer space.
And the destabilizing Democrat mandates continue, from vaccines to the outlawing of the internal combustion engine. From the division of our society to the denunciation of our history. From the race baiting to the school destroying.
The change you voted for is death.
The death of America as a land of freedom and plenty.
You’re going to have to get used to it, they said at the White House. There is a new reality. Maybe you’ll make some nice friends in the bread line.
And maybe we’ll avoid the millions of deaths from starvation and enforcement that followed the progressive takeovers of Russia and China. Maybe we’ll fare better than Venezuela.
Or maybe we won’t. Only time will tell.
But one thing is for sure.
None of this is an accident.

- by Bob Lonsberry 2021

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Re: from email, ya, you kind of know this


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Re: Lonsberry, Oh Please!!

F**k'n Carlson want-a-be, hates on everybody.

 Lonsberry reminds me of an old timey preacher ranting & raving and getting everybody worked up to a hysteria.  And when you're not looking, he's doing you wife.