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fund it

its a PDF, not exponential growth in funding, but approaching that. does not appear to be grossly short changed as suggested.
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Re: fund it

 Says file not found.

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Re: try this

Yeah, it looks to me like the funding is getting to the VA, it's just not getting to the Veterans. As with all government programs it is lost to waste and fraud. And wanting more of what doesn't work is called being stuck on stupid.

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Re: try this

That is my complaint.

Administrators who are overseeing hospitals, where people are dying needlessly, get performance bonuses, some are found actually cooking the books, yet, as far as I know, not only have kept their jobs, but the bonuses as well.  These are highly paid executives, many with pay & benefits around $200k

One can also go onto other things, like spending half a Billion (with a B) on new office furniture, at a time when us average citizens are being told we need to tighten our belt, etc, etc.