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glyphosate kills beneficial soil bacteria


Like my view on eutrification, I approach this from a fairly moderate point of view. RR beans were quite a nice tool but RR corn was either a mistake or required substantially more regulation than anybody wanted. So we now have a bit of a mess with resistance and overuse of one chemistry.


I'll now stand back and wait for see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil to explain why it is someone else's fault, not a problem, utterly impractical to address etc*.


*or why those scientists are lying for the grant money or some personal bias against good people.

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BA Deere
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Re: glyphosate kills beneficial soil bacteria

I have a record of being against GMOs, on a spiritual level, it is too close to building "the tower of Babel" playing God, putting a squid`s genes into a tomato and all that stuff....if I`m a "Amish luddite" so be it.  I planted and sprayed the s**t, knowing it was a sundown action and there was no escaping it, even certified organic seed was 99% pure, that was all they could guarantee.  Theoretically, Mother Nature could selectively create Roundup Ready plants, man sped it up and that is budging to the front of the line and that comes with unforeseen costs.


I`m a spray man, I love spraying poisons and watching weeds and insect die.   I`ve always argued that the chemists should`ve went to the lab and get us more chemicals, instead of seed companies hiring genetic engineers to create shortcuts.   But some people tell me that chemistry has run out of options, well if that is the case, break out the old cultivator and do like grandpa, those weenies that "hate that job" got their fancy GPS and Ez-Steer it won`t be such a dreadful job in this day and age.  

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Re: glyphosate kills beneficial soil bacteria

So if you RE against 'GMOs' then I assume you would make sure you never grow any of the varieties developed using mutagenesis.


BTW you might be surprised just how many genetic improvements have come from mutations set up by mutagenesis and yet even 'organic' growers are allowed to use those random mutations caused from chemicals or radiation.

BA Deere
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Re: glyphosate kills beneficial soil bacteria

I do raise GMOs, never said that I didn`t, it`s like if you hate yellow cars, but you need a car and the only car you can afford is one that`s painted yellow....well, you buy the yellow car and drive it although you hate it, right?  


I`m not against what Henry Wallace did with hybrid corn (his political socialism another topic), theoretically Mother Nature could create hybrid corn through the wind blowing pollen or lightening hitting certain pollenating plants or whatever.   And you have grafting apple trees, which is good.  Sunlight is a source of mutagenesis which is nature.  


After genes were mapped and seed companies started playing God in the laboratory, especially in the fruit and vegetable department.  Inserting say a animal gene into a tomato, that I really don`t like.  We don`t really know the long term effects of consuming this frankenfoods....I guess we`re all gonna find out together, perhaps the creation of "super weeds" and "super bugs" will be the least of our problems.


You look at the dreaded Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth sure and thank Monsanto, within 10 years of unnatural selection, those monsters were created. 

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Re: glyphosate kills beneficial soil bacteria

Any other compound you use for insect or weed control would do the same thing. The other option is tillage and that has been shown to damage the environment also. This is about forcing a tobacco type settlement from Monsanto.