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good news on childhood poverty, my perspective anyway


Not good news for liberals though.

New York Times

The Morning

September 14, 2022


When President Bill Clinton signed a bipartisan bill tightening the rules around welfare eligibility in 1996 — and making many benefits conditional on work — critics on the political left predicted terrible effects.

A few members of the Clinton administration quit in protest. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned of devastating increases in child poverty. The New Republic proclaimed, “Wages will go down, families will fracture and millions of children will be made more miserable than ever.”

A quarter-century later, these predictions look very wrong. As my colleague Jason DeParle wrote this week:

A comprehensive new analysis shows that child poverty has fallen 59 percent since 1993, with need receding on nearly every front. Child poverty has fallen in every state, and it has fallen by about the same degree among children who are white, Black, Hispanic and Asian, living with one parent or two, and in native or immigrant households.



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Re: good news on childhood poverty, my perspective anyway


I'd say we are all some lucky ducks.

Makes you wonder why anyone is complaining right now?

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Re: good news on childhood poverty, my perspective anyway