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gotta remember, we are a Joe the Plumber nation

where a preposterous financial meme has enough emotional, and divisive punch to cruise right past a minimum of scrutiny.

The fact that Dennison often- usually, apparently- pays less tax than policemen, teachers, nurses will probably be the spin.

The real revelation is simply what everybody who knows anything and isn't ideologically contaminated knew- he's a clown who finances a lavish lifestyle off of a slippery pile of credit.

BTW, I'll wash my hands of the matter since I long ago told you that not forcing him to be transparent with his finances and divest of the businesses would come back to haunt you.

He didn't have to because he bamboozled The Cult into ring fencing him.

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Re: gotta remember, we are a Joe the Plumber nation

Trump didn't write those tax laws, he hired accounts to deal with them. Now not being able to deduct his state property tax from his income tax caused him to take a hit. That's one of the reasons the rich hate him. They are spoiled to the fact the dems will never force them to pay their fair share. Thanks for the proof NYT.

Re: gotta remember, we are a Joe the Plumber nation

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Re: gotta remember, we are a Joe the Plumber nation

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