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Re: Thanks for pointing that out.


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Re: Gottlieb gave a very good explanation as to ...

@WCMO wrote:

Regarding "viral load" -- the study that claimed the Delta variant produced an unusually large viral load was listed as having failed peer review at the time it was cited by the CDC -- archives of the study's page on Research Square, a preprint server for unpublished research, show that it was marked "reject" on July 9 (after peer review) and remained in that status at least through July 26, even though the CDC and mass media have been using the CDC info that was developed from that study.

Not that study, different variant.

Note what the CDC director said about mutations

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Re: "Delta is the start of a trend ...."

If you have been vaccinate you can't get the virus. - Joe *.


Now you claim * is spreading miss information?